10 Blogging Mistakes Must Know Before Blogging

Blogging mistakes are very common among all the bloggers. But some mistakes are really harmful to your blog or your blogging career. When you think to be a blogger, you must have some basic knowledge about blogging. But we see that most of the newbie bloggers start blogging without basic knowledge. So they do blogging mistakes when they start blogging. All the blogging mistakes must avoid if you want to be a successful blogger.
When I started my blogging career, I had little knowledge about blogging. I had to face a lot of  problems when because of my little knowledge. So most of the time I did blogging mistakes which were really annoying. Day by day now I  am aware of blogging mistakes and I try to avoid all the mistakes because I know how disturbing the blogging mistakes.
Blogging is a wonderful career if you can do it in the right way. We all people know when we want to do something new that is not easy to do if we have not any basic knowledge. So we should know something about blogging and blogging mistakes. When we know about all the blogging mistakes, we must aware when we start blogging. Every successful blogger avoids mistakes, so they can reach the station of success. Here I want to say something for newbie bloggers about blogging mistakes. Some mistakes can ruin your blog, so you must careful about this mistakes. In this post, I give you details about some common blogging mistakes.

Blogging Mistakes

                                                                                                      Blogging Mistakes Must Know Before Blogging

Your Aim is Not Perfect  
 It is one of the most common blogging mistakes that you can not set up your goal perfectly. There are a lot of bloggers they can not be successful bloggers because they can not take blogging seriously. If you want to be a blogger you must think before blogging. Blogging is a long journey and you have to work hard if you want to be a successful blogger.  So I must say that if you have another aim, you should not start blogging.

Work with Multiple Niche
As a blogger, I can say that selecting niche is really a hard task. At first, you must select your niche and then work with this niche. When I was a newbie blogger I started my blog with multiple niches and soon I saw that it is really hard to rank a site contains multiple niches. So you should not select multiple niches because it is on of the big blogging mistakes.

Lack of Basic Knowledge about Blogging
Many people want to be a blogger without basic knowledge. There are many blogging mistakes and little knowledge is one of them. We all know "little knowledge is a dangerous thing". You must have basic knowledge about blogging before starting.

You Are Not Serious about SEO
Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is most important part of SEO. Without maintaining proper SEO in blogging sector no one can become a successful blogger. You must have knowledge about SEO. I think it is one of the most common blogging mistakes that bloggers are not serious about SEO. There is two type of SEO such as on page SEO and off  page SEO. You should have clear knowledge about SEO if you want to be a successful blogger.

Copying Content From other Sites
Copy paste is one of the major blogging mistakes. If you are a blogger and you copy content from other sites and publish your site, you must suffer for this activity. You may damage your site by doing copy paste. If you are a blogger, you must have your own belief, your own style of writing. You should not copy others because readers do not like this habit.

Too Much Crazy about Money
Blogging is not magic, you can not earn money within a day. You have to wait and work hard. You must attract people buy your wonderful  service and then you can earn money by your blog. There are a lot of bloggers who are too much crazy about money and they want to earn money as soon as possible. But they are not aware of their quality, they need to understand that`patience is one of the 
most important factors in the world of blogging. Crazy for money is a big blogging mistake.

Not Using Visual Media
There are different blogging mistakes and not using visual media is one of them. You must use images or pictures in your blog post because search engines prefer images. Visual media gives an extra look of your blog post and people motivate to read your blog post if you can use perfect pictures. If you do not use images in your blog post, you will not get enough benefit from these post.

Not Using Socal Networking Sites
It is one of the common blogging mistakes that bloggers are not careful about social media. Social networking sites play an important role for the bloggers. You must have social media sharing options in your blog. By using social media you can reach to a lot of people and they can learn about your blog.

Not Connecting with Others
Blogging is not a matter of secret, it is an open matter and every blogger should know about your blog. You should share your blog with all class of people. You will not be a successful blogger without the help of other bloggers. You must connect with other bloggers who can help you if you have any problem. It is one of the big blogging mistakes that your are not connected with other bloggers or people.

Become Hopeless in The Middle Way of Blogging
It is very important that you are not a hopeless person because the hopeless person can not become very successful. There are a lot of bloggers in the world they give up blogging after doing 80%-90% work. You must believe yourself that you can do it, you can be a successful blogger. You must continue your work unless success comes to you. So don't be hopeless, you will be successful.

Friends, here I share all of my experience I have learned in the journey of blogging. You must be positive if you want to avoid blogging mistakes.


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