On Page SEO for Blogger Must Follow for Enough Traffic and High Page Rank

Hello, everybody Today I want to share on page SEO for blogger. On page SEO for blogger is most important factor for success in the journey of blogging. Without maintaining proper SEO, you will not get enough from search engines and you will not get high page rank. On page SEO for blogger is key to success. Google pay much attention if you have done on page SEO Clearly.

When you want to be a blogger, you must know about some topics of on page SEO form blogger. Without knowing ABC of blogging, you will not reach the goal of success. So don't hurry at first need basic knowledge then apply it in your practical life. If you apply your little knowledge without knowing details about it, you must fall in danger because we know that"Little Learning is a Dangerous thing". So be careful about your knowledge and what should you do? As a blogger, I can say without perfect knowledge about SEO especially on page SEO, we should not publish content or article in our blog. Because it may waste our valuable time, we will not get any reward from our blog or post, if we do not maintain SEO. There are two types of SEO such as On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Among two types of SEO, On page SEO for blogger is more important because on page SEO is the root of SEO and it is more powerful and permanent. Here in this article, I want to tell on page SEO for blogger. When you want to write a post, before writing you must think about on page SEO. Here are some important tips about on page SEO.

On Page SEO for Blogger

On Page SEO for Blogger Must Follow

Research Your Best Keywords 
When you are thinking to write an article for your blog, at first, you have to select keywords. Keywords are one of the most important parts of your content or article. If you can choose right keywords, you will get many visitors from search engines. You can rank your post easily by choosing right keywords. An awesome article can not reach the eye of readers without proper keywords. So keyword is very important part of on page SEO for blogger. There are a lot of free tools for research keywords.
                    Best Free Keywords Research Tools

Place Keywords in Important Point
Keywords placement is an important part of on page SEO for blogger. After selecting keywords, you should maintain keywords placement. You must place your keywords in some important point. It will help you to get index in search engines and get more visitors. When you are writing content, you select these important points where you place your keywords. You must place your keywords on the following points.

  • Title
  • First Sentence of Article
  • H2 and H3 Tags
  • Permalink
  • Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • Concluding Paragraph

Keywords Density
Keywords density in your content is also an important factor for  better search result. You can not use too many keywords in your article because search engines don't accept it. You can use 1.5%-2% keywords in your content. You should not use more than 2% keywords in your post. Maintaining keywords density is important part of on page SEO for blogger.

Image Optimization
The image is one of the most important parts of your post and a part of on page SEO for blogger. You should use at least one image for every post. Images give an extra look of your post. When you use a relevant image in your post, search engines like your post and you get more visitors. An image enhances the look of a post. When you upload an image in your post, you should use keyword-rich title text and keyword in alt text of an image.

Internal Links
Internal links can be a part of on page SEO for blogger. When you write an article, you should add one or two links of your other posts relevant to your article. It will help you to increase your SEO score and it increase your bounce rate.

Using Social Media
Social Media plays an important role in the blogging sector. Social media and search engines are related each other. Social media increase traffic of your blog. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media to create the connection with your visitors.  Social media is a part of on page SEO for blogger.

Outgoing Links
You can use some outgoing links when you write a post. When you use some links of other blogs then it seems to the readers that you want to provide them the best services. But you should remember that you must add relevant post  links of other sites. Outgoing links is important for on page SEO for blogger.

There are some other on page SEO for blogger such as long content, using LSI keywords, subscribe option of your blog, loading time and more. You must be aware about all the tips of on page SEO for blogger.

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