Learning Process of SEO the Best and the Easiest

Hello friend, today I want to discuss with you about one of the most important and valuable topics that are SEO. Almost every person knows about SEO. If your job or business related to online, you should know something about SEO. If you are a blogger or website owner you must know about
SEO. Without having knowledge about SEO, you will not get a good result from your site.

Today a lot of people all over the world are are working online marketplace. They have to do a lot of works related to SEO. Without having  a proper knowledge about SEO, you will not get enough works from the online marketplace. If you are blogger or website owner, you must know about SEO.SEO you can't do anything.
If you want to rank your site and want to get enough traffic to your site, without

SEO is a big topic, I can tell the whole day about SEO, I will not say everything about SEO. Here in this post, I say something about the most important parts SEO. Especially, if you are a blogger, you must  know about these terms. Shortly I give you an excellent idea about SEO. Blogger must remember what I say if you want to be a successful blogger. So go ahead....

1. What is SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization is known as SEO. SEO is a process of getting more free, organic traffic from different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. SEO is a process of getting high page rank of your site. 
  • SEO is a technique that helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the other sites in according to a search query. It is a strategy to increase the amount of traffic to a site by getting high ranking in Search Engines Result Pages(SERPs). 

2. Kinds of SEO

  •  On-Page SEO
On-Page SEO related to your blog content or article. When you want to write a content then on-page SEO start. You can maintain on-page SEO before publishing your content. There are severals options related to on-page SEO.  This is really important get high page rank and more visitors. On-Page SEO is very important to search engines. Without maintaining this process, you will not get a good result. So you must maintain on-page SEO when you write a content or article. I give you a list about on-page related.
  • Keyword Research
  • Using Keywords in Title Tags
  • Keyword in Fast Paragraph
  • Keywords Density should keep up to 1.5%
  • Use Heading/H2 Tags but not so many
  • Use Keyword in Image ALT Tags
  • Use Image Title Tags
  • Meta Description and use Keyword in Meta Description
  • Use Meta Tags
  • Keep Keyword in Permalink
  • Use nofollow links of other websites but when you use your post link then use dofollow
  • Keep Keyword in Last Para
  • Bold all Important Keywords
If you can maintain on-page properly you must get a good result.

  • Off-Page SEO
When you publish your content or article maintaining on-page then you should do off-page SEO for more traffic and better rank in search engines. Off-page is for marketing your article or site. Off-page is also very important to search engines if you want to get more visitors and high page rank. There are a lot of technique, you can follow for off-page SEO. I give you a list for off-page.
  • Social networking sites sharing and build more backlinks
  • Blog Commenting
  • Guest Blogging
  • Search engine submission
  • Forum marketing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Directory submission
  • Article submission
  • Video marketing
  • Link exchange
  • Photo Sharing
  • Press Release Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Document Sharing
All these steps are really important for you for off-page SEO. If you can do all the tasks properly, you must get a lot of visitors and high page rank.

There are also another Two types of SEO:
  • White Hat SEO
White hat SEO is the real. There are a lot of terms and conditions of SEO, if you do your it by maintaining all the conditions then it called the white hat. Search Engines prefer this technique.

  • Black Hat SEO
It is a technique that does not follow all the terms and condition of search engines. If you do not maintain all the terms and conditions then search engines will ban your site. So you should not follow the wrong way.

All these tips about SEO are really important, just follow all the terms step by step the you will be a smart SEO expert of your site. If you prefer my article please comment me below. 

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