How to Get Adsense These 5 Tips Must Follow

Adsense is an online advertising service by Google. It is the best advertising site. We want to know
how to get Adsense for our new blog. If you have a blog, you must want to make money with your blog site. Adsense is the best and most popular advertising site to make money from your blog. If you know how to get Adsense and get it then you place ads in your blog and then you will earn money. We have to work hard to get more traffic and high page rank of our blog.

Every blogger must agree with me that their goal is to make money from their blog site. But it is not very easy or very hard task. Most of the blogger prefer Adsense for making money. Sometimes we see that many bloggers applied for Adsense but they didn't get it. You must remember about some most important topics before applying for Adsense. You should remember that is your blog perfect for Adsense.

Here I want to share with you about my own experience. When I first applied for Adsense I didn't get it. I was worried about my mistake then I tried to overcome my mistake. Here are some important tips about how to get Adsense.

how to get adsense

How to Get Adsense 5 Tips Must follow

Write Unique and Long Content
Content is one of the main factors of your blog. If you can write quality content then visitors must attract to your blog site or website. When you write content you always remember about its quality. Don't copy others content, it is really bad to search engines. Search engines like quality and fresh contents. You should think before write and be aware of search engines rules. You need not copy others content, you should write what you know. If your blog contains quality contents, Google will take special care of your blog. Another important term to Adsense is long content if your blog contains at least 15-25 contents and every content has 600-700 words you can get Adsense.

Maintain SEO Strictly
SEO is one of the key factors to be a successful blogger. If you write long and fresh content but didn't maintain SEO then your content will not reach the eye of search engines. You must maintain SEO strictly when you write content. On page and of page SEO both are important. But I think on page SEO is more effective because it is more stable. You should remember about keyword research, keyword density in content, H1 tag, H2 tag, permalink, meta tags, meta description and more before write content. If you can make your content more SEO friendly then you will get Adsense.

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Build Quality Backlinks
If you want to know how to get Adsense then you should know how to build quality backlinks. If your site has enough backlinks from high PR sites then Google trust you more and it will increase the chance to get Adsense. High-quality backlinks increase your page rank and bring more traffic to your site. So backlinks creation is another important term to get Google Adsense.

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Add the Following Pages

You must add some valuable pages in your blog. Without adding these pages, you will not sure about getting Adsense. Your blog should contain About Us, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages. If you don't add these pages, your blog will not be granted by Google Adsense. Visitors also like these pages because they want to know about yourself, your blog and about your privacy policy. All these pages are really important so before apply you should add these pages in your blog.

Images also Key Factor
Images are one of the important parts of a content. When you use an image in a content, it becomes more attractive and meaningful. When we use images in our content we should remind that Google doesn't like those blogs which blogs use others images without their permission. Most of the bloggers use others images in their contents. This is really bad to google and Adsense. Google doesn't like copyright contents and images. So if you want to know how to get Adsense then you must know how to use images in your contents.

There are some other factors for getting Adsense such as Alexa Rank, Traffic, Domain Age, Blog Design, and more. If you are worried about how to get Adsense, read my post and then apply all the tips. Then you must know how to get Adsense. If you have any questions about this post, please ask me by a comment.


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  2. I’ve been using Bidvertiser, but seems like it’s not earning much anymore.
    I got like 2000 impressions per month, and pending balance is 0.01$. I think I’m gonna try to go to Adversal. Hope I got accepted.

    Ashley Jones