UFEA Champions League Winners

UFEA champions league is one of the most attractive football competition. It is an annual club football competition. It is organised by Union of European Football Associations(UFEA).It is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. It is most popular club competition in  Europe. Here in this article I give you a list of the winners of Champions League.

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               Winners List 

Season               Winners                              Runners-up

2014-15                       Barcelona(Spain)                                 Juventus(Italy)

2013-14                       Real Madrid(Spain)                              Athletico Madrid(Spain)

2012-13                       Bayern Munich(Germany)                    Borussia Dortmund(Germany)
2011-12                        Chelsea(England)                                Bayern Munich(Germany)
2010-11                        Barcelona(Spain)                                Manchester United(England)              
2009-10                        Internazionale(Italy)                            Bayern Munich(Germany)

2008-09                       Barcelona(Spain)                                 Manchester United(England)

2007-08                       Manchester United(England)                 Chelsea(England)           

2006-07                        Milan(Italy)                                       Liverpool (England)                      

2005-06                       Barcelona(Spain)                                Arsenal(England)

2004-05                       Liverpool (England)                            Milan(Italy)                       

2003-04                       Porto(Portugal)                                  Monaco(France)

2002-03                        Milan(Italy)                                       Juventus(Italy)

2001-02                       Real Madrid(Spain)                             Bayer Leverkusen(Germany)

2000-01                       Bayern Munich(Germany)                   Valencia(Spain)

1999-2000                   Real Madrid(Spain)                             Valencia(Spain)

1998-99                      Manchester United(England)                 Bayern Munich(Germany)

1997-98                      Real Madrid(Spain)                               Juvantus(Italy)

1996-97                      Borussia Dortmund(Germany)                 Juventus(Italy)

1995-96                      Juventus(Italy)                                   Ajax(Netherlands)                                                                                              
1994-95                      Ajax(Netherlands)                                Milan(Italy)  

1993-94                      Milan(Italy)                                        Barcelona(Spain)
1992-93                     Marseille(France)                                 Milan(Italy)

1991-92                     Barcelona(Spain)                                   Sampdoria(Italy)

1990-91                     Red Star Belgrade(Yugoslavia)                 Marseille(France)

1989-90                     Milan(Italy)                                          Benfica(Portugal)

1988-89                     Milan(Italy)                                           Steaua Bucuresti(Romania)

1987-88                     PSV(Netherlands)                                   Benfica(Portugal)

1986-87                     Porto(Portugal)                                      Bayern Munich(Germany)

1985-86                      Steaua Bucuresti(Romania)                     Barcelona(Spain)

1984-85                      Juventus(Italy)                                     Liverpool (England) 

1983-84                     Liverpool(England)                                 Roma(Italy)

1982-83                     Hamburg(West Germany)                        Juventus(Italy)

1981-82                      Aston Villa(England)                              Bayern Munich(Germany)

1980-81                      Liverpool(England)                                 Real Madrid(Spain)            

1979-80                      Nottingham Forest(England)                  Hamburg(West Germany) 
1978-79                       Nottingham Forest (England)                Malmo FF(Sweden)                                                                                                 
1977-78                      Liverpool(England)                                Club Brugge(Belgium)

1976-77                     Liverpool(England)                                 Borussia Monchengladbach(W. Ger.)

1975-76                    Bayern Munich(Germany)                        Saint-Etienne(France)                                                                
1974-75                     Bayern Munich(Germany)                       Leeds United(England)

1973-74                  Bayern Munich(Germany)                        Athletico Madrid(Spain)  
1972-73                      Ajax(Netherlands)                                   Juventus(Italy)

1971-72                       Ajax(Netherlands)                                   Internazionale(Italy)

1970-71                     Ajax(Netherlands)                                      Panathinaikos(Greece)

1969-70                      Feyenoord(Netherlands)                             Celtic(Scotland)

1968-69                      Milan(Italy)                                               Ajax(Netherlands)

1967-68                      Manchester United(England)                        Benfica(Portugal)

 1966-67                      Celtic(Scotland)                                        Internazionale(Italy)                

1965-66                      Real Madrid(Spain)                                     Partizan(Yugoslavia)

1964-65                     Internazionale(Italy)                                     Benfica(Portugal)
1963-64                        Internazionale(Italy)                                  Real Madrid(Spain)

1962-63                       Milan(Italy)                                                Benfica(Portugal)

1961-62                       Benfica(Portugal)                                         Real Madrid(Spain)

1960--61                     Benfica(Portugal)                                         Barcelona(Spain)

1959-60                    Real Madrid (Spain)                                        Eintracht Frankfurt(West.Ger.)

1958-59                    Real Madrid(Spain)                                        Stade de Reims(France)

1957-58                    Real Madrid(Spain)                                         Milan(Italy)

1956-57                     Real Madrid(Spain)                                         Fiorentina(Italy)

1955-56                     Real Madrid(Spain)                                       Stade de Reims(France)

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