How to Start a Blog for Free in Blogger Guide to Success

Many people want to know how to start a blog for free. Nowadays people want to know how to star a blog for free because blogging is one most interesting professions. Many bloggers in the world earn as a lot of money by blogging. If you want to know how to start a blog for free visit my post. Blogging is a great way to share your views, knowledge, tips with other people. So many people want to how to start a blog for free. There are a lot of tips here and if you read this article then you clear about how to start a blog for fs want to provide tips for the newbie, if they read my post carefully they must know how to start a blog for free.

how to start a blog for free

Step 1: Create An Google Account

how to start a blog for free

  • At first, you need a Google account for sign up
  • To create a google account Click here.

Step 2: Sign up in Blogger

how to start a blog for free

  • At first, you have to go
  • You see a Sign in Box
  • Enter your G-mail and Password an then click Sign In  
  • Then you see a home page of blogger

Step 3: Create Your New Blog

how to start a blog for free

  • After Sign In. You see a button New Blog Click the button, then a new window open
  • Then Type your blog title name in the Title box
  • In the Address box types an address related with your blog. Such as
  • If the address has already taken you will see yellow box  an exclamation point. If the address is available , then you see a box with check mark
  • Then the another option for the Template, selects a Template for your blog. You can change the Template later.
  • Then click Create Blog button

Step 4: Dashboard Option

how to start a blog for free

  • After creating blog, you see the dashboard with different option
  • New Page by clicking new page you can create another page
  • New Post  button is for Creating a new post
  • There have Pages, Comments, Stats, Earning, Layout, Template and Settings options
  • You can use these options for different purposes. I will see you later

Step 5: Create A New Post

how to start a blog for free

  • Click the New Post button or click the pencil button
  • Then you see a window. Type a Title in the Title box
  • Type your post in the post box

Step 6: Using The Toolbar

how to start a blog for free

  • You see a Toolbar top of the post box
  • You can use this Toolbar for Editing your post

Step 7: Post Settings Menu

how to start a blog for free

  • This menu is located to the right side of the post field. Click Labels and type labels into the box and then done
  • Click the Schedule tab, then choose Set Date and Time from the menu. Then select a date and time for the post
  • Click the Permalink tab to customize your Permalink. Permalink is the URL of your post
  • Click the Location tab to add your location. Type the location into the Search bar and click Search. The Map show your location
  • The Options tab have many options. Reader Comments option, you can allow or disallow reader comments. Compose mode option  and Line Break option, you can use keyboard Enter for line break
  • When you are done editing and customizing your post, then click the Publish button, your post is now published to your blog

Step 8: Add  A Gadget

how to start a blog for free

A Gadget helps blog reader to interact with your blog. There are different Gadget, you choose your gadget which are helpful for your followers.

  • You  have to click the blue button to Add a Gadget. You  should remind that the location of the Add a Gadget button that you click on is where the Gadget will appear on your blog.
  • You can add Basic Gadgets, More Gadgets or Add your own.
  • When you find your Gadget, Click the blue plus button to add Gadget to your Blog.

Step 9: Removing a Gadget

how to start a blog for free

  • Click Edit in the bottom right corner of the Gadget
  • Then click the Remove button

Step 10: Social Media

how to start a blog for free

Social media is an important feature to reach your blog as many people as possible.

  • At first click Add a Gadget
  • Then choose More Gadgets
  • Then select Share It Gadgets

Step 11: Editing Template

how to start a blog for free

  • From the left menu select Template
  • Then select Customize
  • Then you can your previous Template

Step 12: Editing Background

how to start a blog for free

  • At first, select Background from the menu 
  • To change the background image hit down arrow under Background image and choose your preferred image
  • You can change color theme by choosing Suggested themes

Step 13:  Adjusting Widths

how to start a blog for free

This tab is located is located under Background
 There are two ways you can adjust the widths of the entire blog
  • You can use the slider provided for you
  • You can also use exactly how many pixels wide you want it to be

You can also use some other menu for your Blog such as Advanced Editing
By using all the menu and options, you can use your Blog.

Thanks for Reading, I hope now you know how to start a blog for free. 


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